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Custom Gemstone Beaded Necklace

Regular price $400.00
Regular price Sale price $400.00

Looking for something uniquely yours? You are in the right place!

Sometimes it is hard to find the perfect piece, so let me make it for you. Whether you know exactly what you like, or have a general idea, I will walk you step- by- step through the process. Together we’ll select bead colors, necklace lengths, ways to wear and more. This customized process allows you to create or gift a necklace as unique as the person wearing it.

Our necklaces are hand knotted with silk, and drape beautifully, giving each gemstone bead room to move, shine and sparkle.

Please allow 2 weeks for the custom necklace process.

Step 1: Choose your necklace length:
Choker (16-19 inches)
Casual (20-24 inches)
Elegant (25-29 inches)
Versatile (30-34+ inches)

Step 2: Choose your necklace colors: Write down all your favorite bead color groups on the contact page and send. Submit your color choices here:

Step 3: Approve necklace: The selected beads will be strung and a photo sent for your approval.

Step 4: Finish and ship necklace: Your necklace is hand knotted, finished, packaged and shipped to you!

DM me with ANY questions.

A. Blacks & Dark Grays: black onyx, agate, labradorite
B. Light Grays & Whites: agate, quartz, labradorite, moonstone, howlite
C. Browns & Tans: quartz, labradorite, moonstone, opal
D. Warm Greens: emerald, quartz, garnet, amazonite, fluorite, moonstone, quartz
E. Cool Greens: emerald, quartz, chrysocolla, amazonite, fluorite, agate
F. Turquoise and Teal: aquamarine, amazonite, turquoise, amazonite, agate
G. Navy and Dark Blues: iolite, chrysocolla, quartz, lapis, apatite, agate
H. Purples and Violets: amethyst, kunzite
I. Reds and Pinks: opal, quartz, carnelian, garnet, tourmaline
J. Oranges and Peach: moonstone, sunstone, fire opal, opal
K. Yellows and Ochres: quartz, opal, citrine

Submit your color choices here:

Choker (16-19 inches)
Casual (20-24 inches)
Elegant (25-29 inches)
Versatile (30-34+ inches)

14K gold filled secure spring ring


While we strive to provide the exact gemstone colors shown in the product images, in necklaces that are not one-of-a-kind, some gemstone beads may be substituted based on availability. Please note that some of the authentic gemstones I use in my necklaces may be enhanced or stabilized to better reveal their natural color and prevent fragility, however I never use imitation or synthetic gemstones.

Each necklace comes packaged in a sturdy gray jewelry gift box with pink twill ribbon, a custom pink soft microfiber pouch and a jewelry care card. It arrives ready to gift to yourself or someone else!

• We are dedicated to ship your order as quickly as possible!
• All orders are shipped with tracking information via USPS first class mail.
• International shipping times will vary.
Custom Gemstone Beaded Necklace

Custom Gemstone Beaded Necklace

Regular price $400.00
Regular price Sale price $400.00

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    This necklace is stunning and it's a joy to wear, I love it! I bought it to stack with a few of my other necklaces and it goes perfectly with them. I have a couple of other necklaces from this shop and like them this one has gorgeous gemstones and it's also expertly hand knotted. Laura is wonderful to work with. Another thing I love is the color combo's she comes up with, they're different than anything else out there yet they work perfectly together.

    Gorgeous as always! I love these necklaces!

    The color combination is soft and feminine and I am so thrilled with the length & where it falls on my collarbone. I have several pieces from this store and each one is a piece of art!

    Beautiful necklace, arrived quickly, knotting and stone quality is amazing, packaging was excellent. I love it!